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FVS Formalin Dispensing Device has been shipped to Spain!

Safe filling of sample buckets with formalin
Activation of the pump by Foot Pedal
Ventilated, closed and illuminated distribution enclosure
Variation of the ventilation according to the the operators request
through the Fan Speed Controller
Ventilated storage cupboard for formaldehyde canisters or
cubitainers with sliding shelves such as retention bins
Recovery tank under the perforated tray in case of accidental
spillage, connected to a recovery canister
Built-in carbon filter for aldehydes, optional HEPA filter
Active suction during all phases of use of the instrument
Manual Lighted Button Controller for Fan, Light Operations
Connection tapping for discharge to the outside above the device D
200 mm
Duct or Recirculated Models
Equipped with a filter for formaldehyde and an extractor in the upper
No specific consumables required
Ease of use
Ease of installation and maintenance
Small footprint W 900 x D 750 x H 2100 mm

Grossing Workstation | WS-1100 HERA SERIES

Tailor-made Design,

A special designed #GrossingWorkstation that meets all of the needs for #Pathology #Labs.
316 #StainlessSteel Quality 1.5mm construction for working place which has effective resistance for #chemicals.
304 Stainless Steel Quality 1mm construction of rest
Large and effective working area with Perforated Grid Plates
#Downdraft & #Backdraft ventilation that keeps the user safe from inhaling chemicals during working
Ventilated base area
3 different #ventilation type availability which as;
-Recirculating Exhaust System
-External Exhaust System
-Remote Exhaust System
#Rinsing system that eliminates the collection of fluids within the downdraft
Long-Lasting Led Lights that provide the bright working facility.
Halogen Lamp options which provide you to take sample photos with the warm light.
Foot Pedal Controlled Hot & Cold Water
Filter Control | Visual and Buzzer
#Formalin Waste Tank Operations ( Optional )
A ventilation system designed as a downdraft and backdraft which has regulated with a carbon filter that keeps away Formaldehyde Fumes from the user to provide a safe and healthy working place.

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Vented Storage Cabinet – STAHLMED News

We exported our products to Germany and France ! Best Quality, Exceptional Craftsmanship!


We listen to all your demands and needs to design suitable products for you.

Basic Features:
Long-lasting product
Perforated or Imperforated Shelving
Stainless Steel or Glassed Door options
Fixed, Telescopic, or Railed shelf systems
Acid and chemical Resisting & durable units
Suitable feet choice for the surface
Liquid Collecting Tanks
And more…

Autopsy Table

Stahlmed Designs all types of Autopsy tables to provide all the features to the user during the operation.  The working surface has the peripheral edge to include liquids and table surface. The upper working area of the Autopsy Table is designed as a Perforated grid to allow drainage of liquids in the wash flow and aspiration of unpleasant odor.
A down-draft unique ventilation system is integrated to help to ventilate the body during the Autopsy. Hot and Cold Water tap provides an easy usage to the user during the autopsy.
The Hydro Aspirator is conveniently located near the sink facilitates the collection and disposal of body fluids.


  1. AUT-1000 Series, Fixed Height, Single Phase Unit.
  2. AUT-1100 Series, Elevated, Single Phase Unit
  3. AUT-2000 Series, Fixed Height, L Shaped Unit
  4. AUT-2100 Series, Elevated, L Shaped Unit

Technical Features:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction 304 AISI
  • Custom Built options according to your place and users needs
  • Down-draft ventilation System
  • Elevated or Fixed Height Option
  • Waste Disposer for organic wastes
  • Hot/Cold Water tap with Sink
  • Vacuum Breaker for Water Safe
  • WxDxH: 2600x850x900mm ( For Fixed Height )
  • Hydro Aspirator as optional

Optional Accessories

  • Hydro Aspirator
  • Organ Scale
  • Equipment Table
  • Stainless Steel Ruler
  • Operation Light

Grossing Workstation with Guillotine Glass – WS-3000 BETA Serie has installed to the Laboratory in Morocco!

WS-3000 BETA, Grossing Workstation with Guillotine Glass.

A special thanks to our Business Partners in Morocco for their collaboration! All we need to get the happiness!

Trust in Stahlmed’s Experience

Grossing Workstation WS-3000 Series with Guillotine Glass is Ready for shipment to Morocco!

Let’s design your own #GrossingWorkstation
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info@stahlmed.com | www.stahlmed.com.tr | +90 216 527 62 63 or Whatsapp: +90 5523 376 88 97


Grossing Workstation | WS-1000 Series, Standard Grossing Workstation Models

✧ High Quality Stainless Steel ( 316 ANSI Quality Working Place & 304 Quality Rest )
✧Photocell Controlling for frequently used operations
✧Large Accessory Opportunity
✧Exceptional Craftsmanship
✧Touch Screen Controlling Option
✧Downdraft & Backdraft Ventilation

and more.
Contact us to get more information:
www.stahlmed.com.tr | www.stahlmed.com | info@stahlmed.com | +90 216 527 62 63

Grossing Workstation with Guillotine Glass | STAHLMED Laboratory Systems

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems provides you the custom-built GrossingWorkstsation to create an effective & ergonomic working place! Contact us to get more information. | www.stahlmed.com


stahlmed grossingstation macroscopie zuschneidetisch laboratoryequipment pathologist


External Exhaust Unit For Grossing Workstation | Stahlmed

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems! External Exhaust Unit for Grossing Workstations! 25m Flexi Hose for easy instalation will be provided! Contact friendly Stahlmed Team to get more information. | www.stahlmed.com | hashtaggrossingworkstation

teamstahlmed grossingstation makroskopikabini patoloji pathology pathologie zuschneidetisch

Grossing Workstation | Confidence in STAHLMED Experience

All you need in one Grossing Workstation!

Contact with our friendly team to get more information about  Grossing Workstation Series!