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Our Company

Stahlmed’s goal is to be one of Turkey's leading healthcare companies and has set out to be worldwide.
It provides medical equipment and laboratory products to the health sectors such as histology, pathology, autopsy, stainless steel furnitures  with the best quality, innovative and advanced technology. As Stalhmed family, we focus on providing the best and fastest services with our customer oriented, wide range of medical and durable products.
With our more than 10 years experienced work team and the first class material quality and safe production places, we are committed to serve our special equipment and innovative solutions to meet the needs of patients, physicians and hospitals.

Stalhmed knows that the equipments that are produced are unique and will be so during its existence.
However, it also depends on the developing technology since Sales Service and Technical Service aiming to improve the quality of lives of people and the quality of service of health institutions, to Stalhmed developing technology plays an important role in the health sector too.

As Stahlmed family, we aim to be the leader in stainless hospital equipment and accessories production. Since 2017, we have exported the products included in our portfolio to the world countries and we continue to work in an export-oriented manner.
While providing extremely good service to the customer based on the affordable policy; With our professional team and the service we provide, we receive very positive feedback from our customers.
We have come to this day by making disciplined studies and correct planning. Tomorrow, we will continue to rise with the right steps and investments.
As an export oriented company, we will contribute both to the national economy and employment.
Choose Stahlmed family for 1st class quality product.


Our Mission,
To provide unlimited satisfaction with brand new products without compromising our quality understanding in the light of our export experience


Our Vision,
Carrying our signature to every point in the world


Our Marketing Strategies,

  • To participate in national and international fairs,
  • To make visits to the leading names of our sector and the companies that have a place in this field and to realize the cooperation protocols,
  • Customer-oriented work; to quickly understand the customer's demand and to resolve quickly by offering reasonable prices.


Please contact us to get more info about the design consultancy and the production. Team up with stalhmed if you want to have the quality service and to be successful on the right path.

  Fully managed from the initial work , down to the

  Our work stands the test of time

  Motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work

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