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Necroscopy Tables

Table designed to provide a ventilated workstation for animal necropsies, surgeries, perfusions, and dissections with a perfect shapes and protection.

✧316 AISI Quality Stainless Steel Worktop
✧304 AISI Quality Rest
✧Perforated or Im-perforated surface Option
✧Drain Connection
✧Waste Disposer Option
✧Elevation from 800 to 1100mm:H
✧Kidney Model or Square Model Options
✧WxDxH: 2300x1300x800-1100mm
✧Downdraft ventilation option
✧Side Closed or Side Open Version Availability
✧Hydraulic lift system with hand held switch
✧Presents a unique challenge with the diversity of specimens
✧Castors with break

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