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Ventilated Trolley Station


3 different customizable #trolley #ventilation stations FOR #Laboratory
-AISI304 Quality Stainless construction
-Thanks to the back-draft ventilation, all shelves will be evenly ventilated
-1st Model that can be connected directly to hospital’s ventilation system (without filter and fan)
-2nd Model which filter integrated that can be connected to hospital ventilation
-3rd model fan and filter integrated that you can use for hospital ventilation or recirculation.

Autopsy and Embalming Station

  • 304 Quality Stainless Steel Construction for rest
  • 316 Quality Stainless Steel Construction for working area
  • Large single-compartment sink with rapid and positive drainage.
  • Spray hose assembly
  • Hydro Aspirator
  • Heavy-duty commercial Waste Disposer with the controller
  • Hot and cold water fixture with convenient goose-neck faucet and wristblade handles.
  • Note Taking Place
  • Dissecting area rinse assembly with cold water valve.
  • Removable perforated grids
  • Downdraft ventilation system
  • Vacuum breaker protected water supply
  • Waterproof Duplex GFCI Protected Electrical outlet
  • Led Light & Fluorescent Light Fixture
  • Emergency eyewash unit on the working table
  • Wall Mounted & Floor Standing Model Options
  • Cadaver Body Tray that can be connected to the main unit for ventilationand surface rinsing
  • Both Side equipped with Rinsing Cadaver Tray
  • Ventilated Tray

Autopsy Table

Stahlmed Designs all types of Autopsy tables to provide all the features to the user during the operation.  The working surface has the peripheral edge to include liquids and table surface. The upper working area of the Autopsy Table is designed as a Perforated grid to allow drainage of liquids in the wash flow and aspiration of unpleasant odor.
A down-draft unique ventilation system is integrated to help to ventilate the body during the Autopsy. Hot and Cold Water tap provides an easy usage to the user during the autopsy.
The Hydro Aspirator is conveniently located near the sink facilitates the collection and disposal of body fluids.


  1. AUT-1000 Series, Fixed Height, Single Phase Unit.
  2. AUT-1100 Series, Elevated, Single Phase Unit
  3. AUT-2000 Series, Fixed Height, L Shaped Unit
  4. AUT-2100 Series, Elevated, L Shaped Unit

Technical Features:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction 304 AISI
  • Custom Built options according to your place and users needs
  • Down-draft ventilation System
  • Elevated or Fixed Height Option
  • Waste Disposer for organic wastes
  • Hot/Cold Water tap with Sink
  • Vacuum Breaker for Water Safe
  • WxDxH: 2600x850x900mm ( For Fixed Height )
  • Hydro Aspirator as optional

Optional Accessories

  • Hydro Aspirator
  • Organ Scale
  • Equipment Table
  • Stainless Steel Ruler
  • Operation Light

Mobile Washing Sinks

Our MW-01 Stainless Steel model is produced upon order.

The production time is about 1 week.  It is made of 304 quality stainless steel.

  • Height / 86cm
  • Width / 55cm
  • Depth / 38cm
  • Whole Surface / 304 stainless steel construction
  • Sink / 33 cm stainless steel
  • Water Capacity / 27 lt
  • Castors with break
  • Liquid Soap Dispenser / Yes
  • Paper Towel Holder / Optional – Free
  • Battery / Optional – ExtrasOptional;* 3-stage adjustable temperature

And all of your extra need can be added to the unit.


Chemical Storage Cabinet

Lot’s of chemicals used in laboratories release fumes in storage. These can be harmful to health and create an odour nuisance for laboratory staff. Chemical Storage Cabinets such problems simply vanish with Filters and Ventilation Systems. These fumes effectively removed by continuous ventilation system and keep the laboratory from this hazadous fumes!

• Height adjustable shelves, pull-out shelves with removable plastic sump, bottom collecting sumps, perforated inserts and grids or railed shelves *Can be connected to a technical exhaust system.

• Adjustable ventilation operating range

• 304 or 316 Quality Stainless Steel contruction

• Lockable to prevent unauthorised access

• Clip-on hinges, opening angle 270°

• Optional integrated fan for active ventilation option configuration with external fan

• Custom Build Products designed according to your laboratory conditions

Dressing Trolley STAHLMED

Dressing Trolley


• 304  quality stainless steel construction


• Fully TIG Welded

• Shelf options

• Swivel castors with brakes

• Durable plastic bumpers against impacts

• Extra drawer options

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems

Instrument & Drug Cabinets

  • 304 Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Satenet Surface
  • Glassed door options
  • Custom Build is available



IDC-01-XXXX Custom Build

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems

Endoscope Storage Cabinets

  • 304 Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Fully Tig Welded
  • Satenet Surface
  • Custom build is available

Contact us to get more information.


ESC-01-XXXX, Custom Build

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems

Anesthesia Tables

  • 304 or 316 Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Selection of wheels which is suitable the floor where will be placed, as swivel castors with locking system
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Satenet Surface
  • Custom Builed is available

ANST-01-XXXX , Custom Build

Stahlmed Laboratory Systems

Instrument Washing Sinks

  • 304 Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Satenet surface
  • Custom build is available

IWS-01-0001, Open Type, Single Sink
IWS-01-0002, Closed Type, Single Sink
IWS-01-0003,Open Type, Double Sink
IWS-01-0003, Closed Type, Double Sink
IWS-01-XXXX, Custom Build