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Autopsy and Macro Imaging System

– It makes it easier to work by taking photos or videos with a remote computer in digital environment and prevent you from being exposed to formalin during shooting.

– Objects which is photographed, it provides the opportunity to perform many operations such as measuring, marking, adding notes, and saving directly to the desired file.

– Autopsy and Digital Imaging System (OiMAS) is a complete imaging system for uninterrupted workflow..

– OiMAS technical equipment can be customized for your Lab.

– Hands-free use of the camera is done with the wireless foot pedal.

-Images can be easily viewed and samples are measured directly on the screen. Barcode readers provide sample tracking. The system can be easily used in trainings, presentations and teleconferences.

3 types saving operations

-If you use  save 1: it saves it to the computer.

-If you use save 2: it saves the document to the server.

-If you use save 3: It saves the document to the cloud etc.

1. Video capability

2. Stop between video shooting and continue after a while (continuous shooting)

3. Possibility to take back and forth as much as desired during photo processing

4. Automatic saving as a file in 3 different areas

5. Preview while taking pictures (big picture or full screen picture)

6. Major advantage: audio video shooting and wireless foot pedal

7. Showing or not showing mouse arrow during video shooting