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Automatic Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device


Automatic formaldehyde dosing system performs formalin preparation in pathology laboratories or operation rooms automatically within completely closed environment. Thanks to closed environment and automatic dosing, it allows always accurate and same mixture ratio. By connecting the device to macroscopy cabin or to another desired area, the formalin is fed through the valve. It denies personal subjection and consequently, protects the health. Thanks to closed circuit, formalin ratio remains constant and yields extended time of use. By concentrated dosing performed by the device instead of procuring ready to use formalin, savings up to 90% can be made. Also, the enterprise saves up to 90% of storage area by obtaining concentrated formaldehyde.


• All body and trays are made of 1 mm thickness AISI 304 stainless steel or oven painted galvanized sheet metal
• A digital screen and control panel to enter/monitor fluid level, dosing parameters and notifications
• Ability to transfer usage logs and reports to PC via USB / RS232 connection
• Percentage formalin purity display on digital display (ex. 3,7% formalin)
• Easy 3,7% formalin mixture preparation
• Ability of mixture preparation on user defined volume and purity
• Tap water inlet, distilled water inlet and dosed formalin outlet connections
• Formaldehyde draw and buffered fluid draw equipment
• Solid powder input feature
• Manual or automatic mixing equipment to yield homogenous distribution and to prevent subsidence
• Waste tank to catch min. 50% liquid in case of liquid overflow
• Formalin tank capacity: 100 liters
• Power Requirement: 220-240 VAC 8A, 50-60 Hz
• Dimensions (w x l x h): 60 cm x 75 cm x 132 cm
• Weight: 120 kg


• Significant reduction in the costs.
• Consistency: An exact solution will be provided
• Safety and Health care : Avoids the user from inhaling or having contact with formaldehyde.
• Turnaround times for value – added work.
• Obtaining directly from line by the dispensing systems.