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Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems in hospitals should provide optimum temperature, humidity and an air flow that protects the health of personnel and patients. When arranging the ventilation system of any building, it is important to accurately calculate the size of the ventilation ducts and fans and the airflow velocities in the ducts. Heating-cooling devices, noise reducing devices and particulate trap filters are other important components of ventilation systems. During the air circulation in the hospital, gas contamination in the air increases gradually. Filtration is not enough to clean the air. Therefore, in order to protect the health and comfort of the hospital occupants, a part of the circulated air must be replaced with fresh air from outside.

Stahlmed makes all necessary analyzes of the area to be ventilated and determines the ventilation diameters, the fan that is sufficient to provide the necessary air circulation for you. with Stahlmed's Engineer Team.