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Automatic Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device


Automatic formaldehyde dosing system performs formalin preparation in pathology laboratories or operation rooms automatically within completely closed environment. Thanks to closed environment and automatic dosing, it allows always accurate and same mixture ratio. By connecting the device to macroscopy cabin or to another desired area, the formalin is fed through the valve. It denies personal subjection and consequently, protects the health. Thanks to closed circuit, formalin ratio remains constant and yields extended time of use. By concentrated dosing performed by the device instead of procuring ready to use formalin, savings up to 90% can be made. Also, the enterprise saves up to 90% of storage area by obtaining concentrated formaldehyde.


• All body and trays are made of 1 mm thickness AISI 304 stainless steel or oven painted galvanized sheet metal
• A digital screen and control panel to enter/monitor fluid level, dosing parameters and notifications
• Ability to transfer usage logs and reports to PC via USB / RS232 connection
• Percentage formalin purity display on digital display (ex. 3,7% formalin)
• Easy 3,7% formalin mixture preparation
• Ability of mixture preparation on user defined volume and purity
• Tap water inlet, distilled water inlet and dosed formalin outlet connections
• Formaldehyde draw and buffered fluid draw equipment
• Solid powder input feature
• Manual or automatic mixing equipment to yield homogenous distribution and to prevent subsidence
• Waste tank to catch min. 50% liquid in case of liquid overflow
• Formalin tank capacity: 100 liters
• Power Requirement: 220-240 VAC 8A, 50-60 Hz
• Dimensions (w x l x h): 60 cm x 75 cm x 132 cm
• Weight: 120 kg


• Significant reduction in the costs.
• Consistency: An exact solution will be provided
• Safety and Health care : Avoids the user from inhaling or having contact with formaldehyde.
• Turnaround times for value – added work.
• Obtaining directly from line by the dispensing systems.

Water Bath

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Microtome Device


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Cold Plate


  •  The tray of the device is able to cool down to -10 (+/- 1C) C.
  •  The cooling surface of the device is at least 60 blocks. This surface consist of a single area.
  • The working area of the device is  40×30 cm.
  • A Digital Screen added on the device and values can be monitored on this screen.
  • The device has anti-vibration feet.
  • Optionally, lamp can be placed on the cassette working surface.
  • The device operates at 220 V -50 Hz.
  • The device warranted internationally  for 1 years against any malfunction.


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Tissue Embedding System

Stahlmed MXSTH 571 – MXSTH 632 isa modern paraffin embedding station with microprocessor control system. It is designed for use in pathology laboratories and for embedding histological tissue samples only in molten paraffin for the following tasks:
• To embed the sample, melt the solid paraffin and keep the melted paraffin at the required temperature.
• Pour paraffin into embedded molds where the samples are placed.

  • The device ensures that all existing applications are combined in paraffin embedding.
  • The device can be controlled under the microprocessor control.
  • The device can be one-piece or two-piece modular.
  • The start time of the device can be programmed differently for each day of the week, thus saving energy.
  • It has a large touch LCD screen that shows all data about the device and shows all data.
  • The information in the menus opened on the screen can guide the user.
  • The device is insulated against paraffin leaks.
  • The device has a non-disposable mesh porous filter system to ensure that the wax used remains clean.
  • The device has a large storage tank with a heater that can take at least 150 block molds.
  • The device has a wide stainless steel tank with a capacity of at least 150 cassettes, which allows the storage of baskets from tissue tracking devices.
  • The temperature of this section can be adjusted between 0 – 70 ºC (+/- 1ºC).The device has a paraffin tank with a capacity of at least 4 liters, which allows long working periods.
  • The cold plate should be capable of holding at least 60 blocks, and this part can be cooled to 0 to -20 ° C.
  • Hot plate can be adjusted between 0 – 70 ºC (+/- 1ºC).The temperature of the tissue burial molding chamber can be adjusted between 50-70ºC (+/- 1ºC).
  • The temperature of the paraffin tank can be adjusted between 0 – 70 ºC (+/- 1ºC).The working table, cassette opening section and collet heater sections are designed to transfer extra paraffin to a single heated chamber through the channels.
  • Waste paraffin can be discharged from this compartment.
  • There are at least 4 heated collet places on the device and these places are made of stainless material.
  • The device operates at 220 V, 50 Hz.Made in Turkey and one-to-one product exchange guaranteed



Chemical Storage Cabinet

Lot’s of chemicals used in laboratories release fumes in storage. These can be harmful to health and create an odour nuisance for laboratory staff. Chemical Storage Cabinets such problems simply vanish with Filters and Ventilation Systems. These fumes effectively removed by continuous ventilation system and keep the laboratory from this hazadous fumes!

• Height adjustable shelves, pull-out shelves with removable plastic sump, bottom collecting sumps, perforated inserts and grids or railed shelves *Can be connected to a technical exhaust system.

• Adjustable ventilation operating range

• 304 or 316 Quality Stainless Steel contruction

• Lockable to prevent unauthorised access

• Clip-on hinges, opening angle 270°

• Optional integrated fan for active ventilation option configuration with external fan

• Custom Build Products designed according to your laboratory conditions

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems in hospitals should provide optimum temperature, humidity and an air flow that protects the health of personnel and patients. When arranging the ventilation system of any building, it is important to accurately calculate the size of the ventilation ducts and fans and the airflow velocities in the ducts. Heating-cooling devices, noise reducing devices and particulate trap filters are other important components of ventilation systems. During the air circulation in the hospital, gas contamination in the air increases gradually. Filtration is not enough to clean the air. Therefore, in order to protect the health and comfort of the hospital occupants, a part of the circulated air must be replaced with fresh air from outside.

Stahlmed makes all necessary analyzes of the area to be ventilated and determines the ventilation diameters, the fan that is sufficient to provide the necessary air circulation for you. with Stahlmed's Engineer Team.


Fume Exhaust Hood

Fume hood exhaust fans and Air extraction fume hoods  are used as lab air ventilation systems that extract dangerous chemical fumes which is harmful to the health from the air inside laboratories. These air ventilation systems pull and filter air from the laboratories using fume hood exhaust fans to protect and maintain lab air quality and safety standards for the workers during their working.


  • 304 Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • With/out Duct Models
  • WxDxH: 1000x620x770 ( without internal Fan unit )
  • Perforated Working Area
  • Led Light with Light Intensity Controller
  • Fan with Fan Speed Controller
  • Custom Built Availability
Stahlmed Laboratory Systems

Fume Extractors

Portable fume extractors prevent inhilation ogf the chemicals which is harmful to human health.

  • An effective design that provides to carry easyly and apply every wroking place to prevent to user during working.
  • Easy moving, thanks to the swivel castors
  • User defined ventilation speed control
  • Quality & Electricity sacurity
  • Washable dust filter
  • Carbon Filter

Vented Storage Cabinets

We listen to all your demands and needs to design the suitable products for you.


  • Long-lasting product
  • Perforated or Imperforated Shelving
  • Stainles Steel or Glassed Door options
  • Fixed or Telescopic shelf systems
  • Asid and chemical Resisting & durable units
  • Suitable feet choise for the surface
  • Liquid Collecting Tanks

Custom Bulid is available.