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Surgical Instrument Table


• 304 quality stainless steel construction

• Adjustable hights

• Easy to use and suitable product which has designed considering to the needs during the operation

• Easy-to-move and durable legs

• Wheel options according the specifically choised for the surface with brakes

• Custom build is available

Instrument Trolley | Stahlmed

Instrument Table


• 304  quality stainless steel construction


• Fully TIG Welded

• Shelf options

• Swivel castors with brakes

• Durable plastic bumpers against impacts

• Extra drawer options


Wall Mounted Cabinets


  • 304 or 316 quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fixed or adjustable shelves
  • Sliding/Swinging Stainless Steel or Glass Door options
  • Fully TIG Welded

We are able to manufacture your customized designs.



Mobile Cabinets

A great result that meets your needs! Sizes, Type, Shelves, sides can be customized through your requests!



  • 304 AISI Quality- Stainless Steel

High quality and durable design!


-Extra needs and Options are available.

  • Drawer configurations (0,1,…)
  • Swivel castor with brake or fixed.
  • Surface mounted unites

Fume Exhaust Hood

Fume hood exhaust fans and Air extraction fume hoods  are used as lab air ventilation systems that extract dangerous chemical fumes which is harmful to the health from the air inside laboratories. These air ventilation systems pull and filter air from the laboratories using fume hood exhaust fans to protect and maintain lab air quality and safety standards for the workers during their working.


  • 304 Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • With/out Duct Models
  • WxDxH: 1000x620x770 ( without internal Fan unit )
  • Perforated Working Area
  • Led Light with Light Intensity Controller
  • Fan with Fan Speed Controller
  • Custom Built Availability
Falcate Table

Falcate Table


• 304  quality stainless steel construction

• Comfortable and easy accessible design

• Top surface flat with one or 3 complete rim according your needs.

• Swivel castors with brakes

•  Custom Build is available





• 304  quality stainless steel construction

• Plastic, non-slip feet

• Steps which is Strong and sturdy that supported by metal bars

• Non-slip tape on the step surface (optional)

• Lightweight design for practical use

Cap Bonnet, Mask Cabinets


• 304 or 316 AISI quality stainless steel

• Convenient access ability with staged storage

• 3 large storage compartments on top

• Swinging waste bin at bottom ( custom build is available )

• Adjustable heigh and/or plastic foot legs options


Base Cabinets

These Stainless Steel cabinets with optional backsplash are great and useful for laboratories, restaurants, hospitals, and more..


  •  304 Quality Stainless Steel or Aliminum construction
  • Single or double door as pulling or sliding options with handles
  • Fix or Hight Adjustable shelf Systems
  • Backsplash options
  • Custom build is available

Vented Storage Cabinets

We listen to all your demands and needs to design the suitable products for you.


  • Long-lasting product
  • Perforated or Imperforated Shelving
  • Stainles Steel or Glassed Door options
  • Fixed or Telescopic shelf systems
  • Asid and chemical Resisting & durable units
  • Suitable feet choise for the surface
  • Liquid Collecting Tanks

Custom Bulid is available.